The Real Truth and nothing but the Truth! | “Is the Almighty Creator’s True Name ‘Ya’oh’ | 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄, or ‘Yahuah’| יהוה?”


Our goal is to uncover the Real Truth and nothing but the Truth!

  • Many sincere and honest believers yearn for the day when the Truth is uncovered so that we can worship our Creator and give him exclusive devotion.

According to the book of Tsapan-Ya'oh | TsephanYahu | Zephaniah chapter 3 verse 9.

"For then will I turn to the people a pure language, that they may all call upon the name of YAHUAH, to serve him with one consent." Tsapan-Ya'oh | TSEPHANYAHU (ZEPHANIAH) 3:9 את quotation is from - Cepher Publishing Group.

*A Cautionary Note: Learning Ghabaraym is a great endeavor, and a worthy goal. It will bring you that much closer to knowing your Creator first hand. Please make that your aim when you visit website's like the one we recommended to you. However, beware of their teachings.

You may have learned your truth from reading what you consider the complete word that includes the "Old and New Testaments", there are groups who don't believe as you do.

They don't see the harmony or the flow of truth that combines The Word of Ya'oh.

It can be wisdom on your part to do your own research, find out why some reject portions of the Bible. 

Some do not believe in Ya'ohshai's birth as you learned and embraced as Truth. They may even reject the Ministry of the Apostle Paul. Therefore they reject Ya'ohshai making him an Apostle to the Nations. If they reject Paul's ministry, do they also reject Luke's? How about the book of Acts? This has the effect of voiding Ya'oh goal of opening the door to allowing the co-heirs, descendants of Ham, Japheth, and even Shem who were not of Abraham's seed, even the 6 sons that are mentioned in the "Hidden Books of the Bible," plus Ishmael that Abraham also had. 

If you stop to think about it, Abba Ya'oh is trying to save all the families of the Earth just like he did when the 8 survivors of the Flood of Noach day. Isn't that why he changed Abram's name to Abra(ha)m? 

As you have seen on our website, we believe in all Scriptures inspired of Ya'oh as those Bible writings are borne along by the Holy Spirit.

Find all you can about the Essenes or the Ebonites, and any other group that may have their own interpretation of Scripture or what belongs in Scripture.

You must remember the words of your Savior, Ya'ohshai. Don't let anyone take away your future by crafty deception.

If your goal is to learn the Hebrew languages, you are desirous of great things. It can put you on track to know first hand to what is true. In the meantime, Why not examine several Bibles to see if you discern the accuracy of Scripture as you allow Ya'oh's Holy Spirit to guide you. Obtain Biblical Research resources that explains and educate you so that you are not confused.


We recently discovered on YouTube videos that teach the very first language, that is Ancient Ghabaray Hebrew.

  • Our recommendation is for you to learn Hebrew from them.

  • It is simpler and much easier to learn than the modern day Hebrew that has its basis built on the Canaanite - Phonecian text that the Masoretic Modern versions use today.
  • This takes us away from the pure language that our Heavenly Father Ya'oh | 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 gave to our ancestors.

Please watch Yaohdah Ban Dor at:

He has in-depth knowledge of many variations of the Hebrew language!

  • Our Heavenly Father Ya'oh | 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 has every right to be upset with his children since our ancestors turned to worshiping idols.

"OH that you would rend the heavens, that you would come down, that the mountains might flow down at your presence, As when the melting fire burns, the fire causes the waters to boil, to make your name known to your adversaries, that the nations may tremble at your presence! When you did terrible things which we looked not for, you came down, the mountains flowed down at your presence. For since the beginning of the world men have not heard, nor perceived by the ear, neither has the eye seen, O ELOHIYM, beside you, what he has prepared for him that waits for him. You meet him את eth-that rejoices and works righteousness, those that remember you in your ways: behold, you are wroth; for we have sinned: in those is continuance, and we shall be saved. But we are all as an unclean thing, and all our righteousnesses are as filthy rags; and we all do fade as a leaf; and our iniquities, like the wind, have taken us away. And there is none that calls upon your name, that stirs up himself to take hold of you: for you have hid your face from us, and have consumed us, because of our iniquities. But now, O YAHUAH, you are our Father; we are the clay, and you our potter; and we all are the work of your hand. Be not wroth very sore, O YAHUAH, neither remember iniquity forever: behold, see, we beseech you, we are all your people. Your holy cities are a wilderness, Tsiyon is a wilderness, Yerushalayim a desolation. Our holy and our beautiful house, where our fathers praised you, is burned up with fire: and all our pleasant things are laid waste. Will you refrain yourself for these things, O YAHUAH? will you hold your peace, and afflict us very sore?" Yashai-Ya'oh | 𐤉𐤔𐤏𐤉𐤄𐤅 | YESHA'YAHU (ISAIAH) 64:1-12 את Cepher Publishing Group.

  • Our goal is to make it into the kingdom and not to mislead or deceive you. We take very seriously our obligation to our Creator.

  • Please do your own due diligence and decide for yourself if you too have discovered the true, pure language.

The Book of Jubilees 12:25-27 says Ya'oh revealed the language to Abra(ha)m, since he caused it to cease from the day of the overthrow of Babel.

"And YAHUAH ELOHIYM said: Open his mouth and his ears, that he may hear and speak with his mouth, with the language which has been revealed; for it had ceased from the mouths of all the children of men from the day of the overthrow of Babel. And I opened his mouth, and his ears and his lips, and I began to speak with him in Ivriyt in the tongue of the creation. And he took the cepheriym of his fathers, and these were written in Ivriyt, and he transcribed them, and he began from henceforth to study them, and I made known to him that which he could not understand, and he studied them during the six rainy months." YOVHELIYM (JUBILEES) 12:25-27 את Cepher Publishing Group.

  • Please note: Cepher Publishing Group is the Bible Version we quote from in the majority of instances, with occasional quotations taken from Restoration Scriptures True Name Edition, or the HalleluYah Scriptures Bible, since we are not aware of any using the Original Ghabaray Hebrew.
  • This same publisher also uses the lost or hidden books like you will find in the Original King James, 1611 edition.
  • You can find these at your favorite Book Store, or on Amazon, or you can read them at your local library.
  • Play Store also has a free Abridged version of Cepher Publishing Group Bible.
  • Hopefully soon, there will be one we can use and refer back to that is based on The tongue of the Creation.
  • In all likelihood, it will be the most accurate version using the Pure Language-Ghabaray Hebrew & English. This will help those who have no interest in learning another language.
  • This will make it possible for those of Ya'ohshar'al in the U.S.A., as well as those scattered..., to read it and learn from their native language.
  • If you are interested in learning Ghabaray Hebrew, please go to the website:, signup for it there. *Please read the Cautionary Note above.*