Trust in Ya’oh with all your Heart!

How much do you really depend on and trust your Heavenly Father? Do you believe what he said to his people through his prophets?

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Ya’oh Ala’aym in the prophecy that follows helps us to understand what happens to sinners who disrespects him, and denies his Holy Name, he has reserved for destruction off the face of the Earth! Does forever really mean forever? As already mentioned on this website, recorded in the book of Enoch:

“PARABLE the second, respecting these who the name of the habitation of the holy ones, and of YAHUAH TSEVA’OTH. Heaven they shall not ascend, nor shall they come on the earth. This shall be the portion of sinners, who deny the name of YAHUAH TSEVA’OTH, and who are thus reserved for the day of punishment and of affliction. In that day shall the Elect One sit upon a throne of glory; and shall choose their conditions and countless habitations, while their ruachoth within them shall be strengthened, when they behold my Elect One, for those who have fled for protection to my holy and glorious name. In that day I will cause my Elect One to dwell in the midst of them; will change heaven; will bless it, and illuminate it forever. I will also change the earth, will bless it; and cause those whom I have elected to dwell upon it. But those who have committed sin and iniquity shall not inhabit it, for I have marked their proceedings. My righteous ones will I satisfy with peace, placing them before me; but the condemnation of sinners shall draw near, that I may destroy them from the face of the earth. CHANOK (ENOCH) 45:1-5 את Cepher Publishing Group.

“Who is the wise man, that may understand this? and את eth-who is he to whom the mouth of YAHUAH has spoken, that he may declare it, for what the land perishes and is burned up like a wilderness, that none passes through? And YAHUAH says, Because they have forsaken את eth-my Torah which I set before them, and have not obeyed my voice, neither walked therein; But have walked after the imagination of their own heart, and after Ba`aliym, which their fathers taught them: Therefore thus says YAHUAH TSEVA’OTH, the ELOHAI of Yashar’el; Behold, I will feed them, even את eth-this people, with wormwood, and give them water of gall to drink. I will scatter them also among the heathen, whom neither they nor their fathers have known: and I will send את eth-a sword after them, till I have consumed them.” YIRMEYAHU (JEREMIAH) 9:12-16 את Cepher Publishing Group.

“Thus says YAHUAH, Let not the wise man glory in his wisdom, neither let the mighty man glory in his might, let not the rich man glory in his riches: But let him that glories glory in this, that he understands and knows me, that I am YAHUAH which exercise lovingkindness, judgment, and righteousness, in the earth: for in these things I delight, says YAHUAH. Behold, the days come, says YAHUAH, that I will punish all them which are circumcised with the uncircumcised; Mitsrayim, and Yahudah, and Edom, and the children of Ammon, and Mo’av, and all that are in the utmost ends, who dwell in the wilderness: for all these nations are uncircumcised, and all the house of Yashar’el are uncircumcised in the heart.” YIRMEYAHU (JEREMIAH) 9:23-26 את Cepher Publishing Group.

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We must not only Trust Ya’oh with all our hearts, but also walk in his “Way” by keeping his Thorah!

“And YAHUAH commanded us to do את eth-all these statutes, to fear את eth- YAHUAH ELOHAYNU, for our good always, that he might preserve us alive, as it is at this day. And it shall be our righteousness, if we guard to do את eth-all these commandments before YAHUAH ELOHAYNU, as he has commanded us.” Dabaraym | DEVARIYM (DEUTERONOMY) 6:24-25 את Cepher Publishing Group.

א ALEPH – BLESSED are the undefiled in the Way, who walk in the Torah of YAHUAH. Blessed are they that guard his testimonies, and that seek him with the whole heart. They also do no iniquity: they walk in his ways. You have commanded us to guard your precepts diligently. O that my ways were directed to guard your statutes! Then shall I not be ashamed, when I have respect unto all your commandments.” TEHILLIYM (PSALMS) 119:1-6 את Cepher Publishing Group.

YAHUAH is on my side; I will not fear: what can man do unto me? YAHUAH takes my part with them that help me: therefore shall I see my desire upon them that hate me. It is better to trust in YAHUAH than to put confidence in man. It is better to trust in YAHUAH than to put confidence in princes.” TEHILLIYM (PSALMS) 118:6-9 את Cepher Publishing Group.

“So that we may boldly say, YAH is my helper, and I will not fear what man shall do unto me.” Ghabaraym | IVRIYM (HEBREWS) 13:6 את Cepher Publishing Group.

Our Heavenly Father Ya’oh knows each of his children. We must trust him completely. Since he has the best plans for our future, never allow anyone separate you from his love. The first man to be slain by his brother had this to say:

“And H’avel answered Qayin, saying, Surely ELOHIYM who has made us in the earth, he will avenge my cause, and he will require my blood from you should you slay me, for YAHUAH is the Judge and Arbiter, and it is he who will requite man according to his evil, and the wicked man according to the wickedness that he may do upon earth. And now, if you should slay me here, surely ELOHIYM knows your secret views, and will judge you for the evil which you did declare to do unto me this day.” YASHAR (JASHER) 1:22-23 את Cepher Publishing Group.