Listen to Ya’oh!

“Since the day that 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 | Ya’oh brought our forefathers out of the land of Matsraym, unto this present day, we have been disobedient unto Ya’oh our Ala’aym, and we have been negligent in not hearing his voice.”  BARUK RI’SHON (1 BARUK) 1:19 את  Cepher Publishing Group quotation with Paleo Ghabaray Hebrew and English pronunciation added.

Since Ya’oh is The Almighty, we need to pay attention to him! Ya’oh even has his angels recording our goodness. “I SWEAR to you, righteous, that in heaven the angels record your goodness before the glory of EL ELOHIYM. Wait with patient hope; for formerly you have been disgraced with evil and with affliction; but now shall you shine like the luminaries of heaven. You shall be seen, and the gates of heaven shall be opened to you. Your cries have cried for judgment; and it has appeared to you; for an account of all your sufferings shall be required from the princes, and from everyone who has assisted your plunderers. Wait with patient hope; nor relinquish your confidence; for great joy shall be yours, like that of the angels in heaven. Conduct yourselves as you may, still you shall not be concealed in the day of the great judgment. You shall not be found like sinners; and eternal condemnation shall be far from you, so long as the world exists. And now fear not, righteous, when you see sinners flourishing and prosperous in their ways. Be not associates with them; but keep yourselves at a distance from their oppression; be you associated with the host of heaven. You, sinners, say, All our transgressions shall not be taken account of, and be recorded. But all your transgressions shall be recorded daily. And be assured by me, that light and darkness, day and night, behold all your transgressions. Be not impious in your thoughts; lie not; surrender not the word of uprightness; lie not against the word of the Holy and EL ELOHIYM; glorify not your idols; for all your lying and all your impiety is not for righteousness, but for great crime.” CHANOK (ENOCH) 104:1-6 את Cepher Publishing Group.

“Now will I point out a mystery: Many sinners shall turn and transgress against the word of uprightness. They shall speak evil things; they shall utter falsehood; and create a great creation; and compose cepheriym in their own words. But when they shall write all my words correctly in their own languages, They shall neither change or diminish them; but shall write them all correctly; all which from the first I have uttered concerning them.” CHANOK (ENOCH) 104:7-9 את Cepher Publishing Group.

It’s not too late to start listening to our Almighty Heavenly Father Ya’oh and his Son Ya’ohshai!

“Another mystery also I point out. To the righteous and the wise shall be given cepheriym of joy, of integrity, and of great wisdom. To them shall cepheriym be given, in which they shall believe; And in which they shall rejoice. And all the righteous shall be rewarded, who from these shall acquire the knowledge of every upright path. In those days, says YAHUAH, they shall call to the children of the earth, and make them listen to their wisdom. Show them that you are their leaders; And that renumeration shall take place over the whole earth; for I and my Son will forever hold communion with them in the paths of uprightness, while they are still alive. Peace shall be yours. Rejoice, children of integrity, in the Truth.” CHANOK (ENOCH) 104:10-12 את Cepher Publishing Group.

As stated before on this website, “To those who from the period of their birth have not been covetous of earthly riches; but have regarded themselves as a breath passing away. Such has been their conduct; and much has YAHUAH tried them; and their ruachoth have been found pure, that they might bless his name. All their blessings have I related in a cepher; and he has rewarded them; for they have been found to love heaven with an everlasting aspiration. While they have been trodden down by wicked men, they have heard from them revilings and blasphemies; and have been ignominiously treated, while they were blessing me. And now will I call the ruachoth of the good from the generation of light, and will change those who have been born in darkness; who have not in their bodies been recompensed with glory, as their belief may have merited. I will bring them into the splendid light of those who love my holy name: and I will place each of them on a throne of glory, of glory his own, and they shall be at rest during unnumbered periods. Righteous is the judgment of ELOHIYM; For to the believing shall he give belief in the habitations of uprightness. They shall see those, who have been born in darkness unto darkness shall be cast; while the righteous shall be at rest. Sinners shall cry out, beholding them, while they exist in splendour and proceed forwards to the days and periods prescribed to them.” CHANOK (ENOCH) 105:24-27 את Cepher Publishing Group.