“And think to change times and laws…But the judgement shall sit.” Daniel 7:25-28. 

“For they said the period was completed which YAHUAH had appointed to the children of Yashar’el in the times of old, which he had spoken to Avraham.” YASHAR (JASHER) 75:2 את Cepher Publishing Group. 

“And he shall speak great words against EL ELYON, and shall wear out the qodeshiym of EL ELYON, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a period of time and times and the dividing of time. But the judgment shall sit, and they shall take away his dominion, to consume and to destroy it unto the end. And the kingdom and dominion, and the greatness of the kingdom under the whole heaven, shall be given to the people of the qodeshiym of EL ELYON, whose Kingdom is an everlasting Kingdom, and all dominions shall serve and obey him. Hitherto is the end of the matter. As for me Daniy’el, my cogitations much troubled me, and my countenance changed in me: but I kept the matter in my heart.”  DANIY’EL (DANIEL) 7:25-28 את Cepher Publishing Group.

THAT which was written by Chanok. He wrote all this instruction of wisdom for every man of dignity, and every judge of the earth; for all my children who shall dwell upon earth, and for subsequent generations, conducting themselves uprightly and peaceably. Let not your ruach be grieved on account of the times; for the Holy, the Great One, has prescribed a period to all. Let the righteous man arise from slumber; let him arise, and proceed in the path of righteousness, in all its paths; and let him advance in goodness and eternal clemency. Mercy shall be showed to the righteous man; upon him shall be conferred integrity and power forever. In goodness and in righteousness shall he exist, and shall walk in everlasting light; but sin shall perish in eternal darkness, nor be seen from that time forward forevermore.”  CHANOK (ENOCH) 92:1-3 את Cepher Publishing Group

“AND it came to pass after these things, that I, Baruk, was standing upon Mount Tsiyon, and lo! a voice came from the height and said unto me: Stand upon your feet, Baruk, and hear the Word of EL ELOHIYM. Because you have been astonished at what has befallen Tsiyon, you shall therefore be assuredly preserved to the consummation of the times, that you may be for a testimony. So that, if ever those prosperous cities say: Why has EL ELOHIYM brought upon us this retribution?’ Say unto them, you and those like you who shall have seen this evil: This is the evil and retribution which is coming upon you and upon your people in its destined time that the nations may be throughly smitten. And then they shall be in anguish.And if they say at that time: For how long? You will say to them: Ye who have drunk the strained wine, drink ye also of its dregs, the judgment of the Lofty One, who has no respect of persons. On this account he had aforetime no mercy on his own sons, but afflicted them as his enemies, because they sinned. Then therefore were they chastened that they might be sanctified. But now, ye peoples and nations, ye are guilty because ye have always trodden down the earth, and used the creation unrighteously. For I have always benefited you. And ye have always been ungrateful for the beneficence.”  BARUK SHENIY (2 BARUK) 13:1-12 את Cepher Publishing Group.

“AND I answered and said: Lo! you have shown me the method of the times, and that which shall alter these things, and you have said unto me, that the retribution, which has been spoken of by you, shall come upon the nations. And now I know that those who have sinned are many, and they have lived in prosperity, and departed from the world, but that few nations will be left in those times, to whom those words shall be said which you did say:  BARUK SHENIY (2 BARUK) 14:1-2 את Cepher Publishing Group.

“THEREFORE, behold! the days come; and the times shall hasten more than the former; and the seasons shall speed on more than those that are past; and the years shall pass more quickly than the present years. Therefore have I now taken away Tsiyon, that I may the more speedily visit the world in its season. Now therefore hold fast in your heart everything that I command you, and seal it in the recesses of your mind. And then I will show you the judgment of my might, and my ways which are unsearchable. Go therefore and sanctify yourself seven days, and eat no bread, nor drink water, nor speak to anyone. And afterwards come to that place and I will reveal myself to you, and speak true things with you, and I will give you commandment regarding the method of the times; for they are coming and tarry not.”  BARUK SHENIY (2 BARUK) 20:1-6 את Cepher Publishing Group.

THE last leader of that time will be left alive, when the multitude of his hosts will be put to the sword, and he will be bound, and they will take him up to Mount Tsiyon, and my MASHIACH will convict him of all his impieties, and will gather and set before him all the works of his hosts. And afterwards he will put him to death, and protect the rest of my people which shall be found in the place which I have chosen. And his principate will stand forever, until the world of corruption is at an end, and until the times aforesaid are fulfilled. This is your vision, and this is its interpretation.”  BARUK SHENIY (2 BARUK) 40:1-4 את Cepher Publishing Group.

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But withdraw ye not from the way of the Torah, but guard and admonish the people which remain; lest they withdraw from the commandments of EL ELOHIYM. For ye see that he whom we serve is just, and our Creator is no respecter of persons. And see ye what has befallen Tsiyon and what has happened to Yerushalayim. For the judgment of EL ELOHIYM shall thereby be made known and his ways, which though past finding out, are right. For if ye endure and persevere in his fear and do not forget his Torah, the times shall change over you for good. And ye shall see the consolation of Tsiyon. Because whatsoever is now is nothing, but that which shall be is very great. For everything that is corruptible shall pass away and everything that dies shall depart and all the present time shall be forgotten.Nor shall there be any remembrance of the present time, which is defiled with evils. For that which runs now runs unto vanity and that which prospers shall quickly fall and be humiliated. For that which is to be shall be the object of desire and for that which comes afterwards shall we hope. For it is a time that passes not away.”

And the hour comes which abides forever and the new world comes which does not turn to corruption those who depart to its blessedness and has no mercy on those who depart to torment and leads not to perdition those who live in it. For these are they who shall inherit that time which has been spoken of and theirs is the inheritance of the promised time. These are they who have acquired for themselves treasures of wisdom and with them are found stores of understanding and from mercy have they not withdrawn and the Truth of the Torah have they preserved.For unto them shall be given the world to come, but the dwelling of the rest who are many shall be in the fire.” BARUK SHENIY (2 BARUK) 44:3-15 את Cepher Publishing Group.