“There is none kadosh as 𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀄 | Ya’oh: for there is none besides You:”Β  Shmuel Alef (1Samuel) 2:2.

“And he taught them the Way of Ya’oh | 𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀄  | YAHUAH and his Thorah; behold they are written upon the Cepher of the Thorah of Ala’aym | ELOHIYM which he gave to the children of Ya’ohsharal | Yashar’el by the hand of Mashah | Mosheh.”Β  YASHAR (JASHER) Chapter 87. Cepher Publishing Group.

“You shall not fear those who trouble you; for restoration shall be yours; a splendid light shall shine around you, and the voice of tranquility shall be heard from heaven. Woe to you, sinners; for your wealth makes you resemble qodeshiym, but your hearts reproach you, that you are sinners. This word shall testify against you, for the remembrance of crime.” CHANOK (ENOCH) 96:4 אΧͺ Cepher Publishing Group.

“BUT now I swear to you, righteous, by the greatness of his splendour and his glory; by his illustrious Kingdom and by his majesty, to you I swear, that I comprehend this mystery; that I have read the tablet of heaven, have seen the writing of the holy ones, and have discovered what is written and impressed on it concerning you. That all goodness, joy, and glory has been prepared for you, and been written down for the ruachoth of them who die eminently righteous and good. To you it shall be given in return for your troubles; and your portion shall far exceed the portion of the living. The ruachoth of you who die in righteousness shall exist and rejoice. Their ruachoth shall exult; and their remembrance shall be before the face of EL ELOHIYM from generation to generation. Nor shall they now fear disgrace. Woe to you, sinners, when you die in your sins; and they, who are like you, say respecting you, Blessed are these sinners. They have lived out their whole period; and now they die in happiness and in wealth. Distress and slaughter they knew not while alive; in honour they die; nor ever in their lifetime did judgment overtake them. Has it not been shown to them, that, to the receptacle of the dead their souls shall be made to descend, their evil deeds shall become their greatest torment? Into darkness, into the snare, and into the flame, which shall burn to the great judgment, shall their ruachoth enter; and the great judgment shall take effect forever and ever. Woe to you; for to you there shall be no peace. Neither can you say to the righteous, and to the good who are alive, In the days of our trouble have we been afflicted; every trouble have we seen, and many evil things have suffered.”Β  CHANOK (ENOCH) 103:1-6 אΧͺ Cepher Publishing Group.

“Our ruachoth have been consumed, lessened, and diminished. We have perished; nor has there been a possibility of help for us in word or in deed: we have found none, but have been tormented and destroyed. We have not expected to live day after day. We hoped indeed to have been the head; But we have become the tail. We have been afflicted, when we have exerted ourselves; but we have been devoured by sinners and the wicked; their yoke has been heavy upon us. Those have exercised dominion over us who detest and who goad us; and to those who hate us have we humbled our neck; but they have shown no compassion towards us.Β  We have been desirous of escaping from them, that we might fly away and be at rest; but we have found no place to which we could fly, and be secure from them. We have sought an asylum with princes in our distress, and have cried out to those who were devouring us; but our cry has not been regarded, nor have they been disposed to hear our voice; But rather to assist those who plunder and devour us; those who diminish us, and hide their oppression; who remove not their yoke from us, but devour, enervate, and slay us; who conceal our slaughter, nor remember that they have lifted up their hands against us.”Β  CHANOK (ENOCH) 103:7-14 אΧͺ Cepher Publishing Group.

“And Mosheh taught the children of Yashar’el commandments and judgments and Torah to do in the land as Ya’oh | 𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀄  | YAHUAH had commanded him. And he taught them the Way of Ya’oh | 𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀄  | YAHUAH and his Torah; behold they are written upon the Cepher of the Torah of ELOHIYM which he gave to the children of Ya’ohsharal | Yashar’el by the hand of Mosheh.”Β  YASHAR (JASHER) 87:7-8 אΧͺ Cepher Publishing Group.

“No man shall stand up against you all the days of your life; as I was with Mosheh, so will I be with you, only be strong and of good courage to observe all the Torah which Mosheh commanded you, turn not from the way either to the right or to the left, in order that you may prosper in all that you do.” YASHAR (JASHER) 88:4 אΧͺ Cepher Publishing Group.

“THEN spoke Ya’ohshaiΒ  | 𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀔𐀏 | YAHUSHA this song, on the day that Ya’oh | 𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀄  | YAHUAH had given the Emoriym into the hand of Ya’ohshaiΒ  | 𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀔𐀏 | YAHUSHA and the children of Ya’ohsharal | Yashar’el, and he said in the sight of all Ya’ohsharal | Yashar’el,Β  All the kings of the earth shall praise you, the princes of the world shall sing to you, the children of Ya’ohsharal | Yashar’el shall rejoice in your yeshu`ah, they shall sing and praise your power. To you, O Ya’oh | 𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀄  | YAHUAH, did we confide; we said you are our ELOHIYM, for you were our shelter and strong tower against our enemies. To you we cried and were not ashamed, in you we trusted and were delivered; when we cried unto you, you did hear our voice, you did deliver our souls from the sword, you did show unto us your grace, you did give unto us your yeshu`ah, you did rejoice our hearts with your strength. You did go forth for our yeshu`ah, with your arm you did redeem your people; you did answer us from the heavens of your holiness, you did save us from ten thousands of people. The sun and moon stood still in heaven, and you did stand in your wrath against our oppressors and did command your judgments over them. All the princes of the earth stood up, the kings of the nations had gathered themselves together, they were not moved at your presence, they desired your battles.”Β  YASHAR (JASHER) 89:1 & 4-9 אΧͺ Cepher Publishing Group.

“AND in the sixth year of the third week of the forty ninth jubilee you did depart and dwell in the land of Midyan, five weeks and one year. And you did return into Mitsrayim in the second week in the second year in the fiftieth jubilee. And you yourself know what he spoke unto you on Mount Ciynai, and what prince Mastema desired to do with you when you were returning into Mitsrayim. ‘Did he not with all his power seek to slay you and deliver the Mitsriym out of your hand when he saw that you were sent to execute judgment and vengeance on the Mitsriym? And I delivered you out of his hand, and you did perform the signs and wonders which you were sent to perform in Mitsrayim against Phar`oh, and against all his house, and against his servants and his people. And Ya’oh | 𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀄  | YAHUAH executed a great vengeance on them for Ya’ohsharal | Yashar’el’s sake, and smote them through the plagues of blood and frogs, lice and dog flies, and malignant boils breaking forth in blains; and their cattle by death; and by hailstones, thereby he destroyed everything that grew for them; and by locusts which devoured the remnant which had been left by the hail, and by darkness; and by the death of the firstborn of men and animals, and on all their idols Ya’oh | 𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀄  | YAHUAH took vengeance and burned them with fire. And everything was sent through your hand, that you should declare these things before they were done, and you did speak with the king of Mitsrayim before all his servants and before his people.Β  And everything took place according to your words; ten great and terrible judgments came on the land of Mitsrayim that you might execute vengeance on it for Yashar’el. And Ya’oh | 𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀄  | YAHUAH did everything for Ya’ohsharal | Yashar’el’s sake, and according to his covenant, which he had ordained with Avraham that he would take vengeance on them as they had brought them by force into bondage. And the prince Mastema stood up against you, and sought to cast you into the hands of Phar`oh, and he helped the Mitsriy sorcerers. And they stood up and wrought before you the evils indeed we permitted them to work, but the remedies we did not allow to be wrought by their hands. And Ya’oh | 𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀄  | YAHUAH smote them with malignant ulcers, and they were not able to stand, for we destroyed them so that they could not perform a single sign. And notwithstanding all these signs and wonders the prince Mastema was not put to shame because he took courage and cried to the Mitsriym to pursue after you with all the powers of the Mitsriym, with their chariots, and with their horses, and with all the hosts of the peoples of Mitsrayim.Β  And I stood between the Mitsriym and Yashar’el, and we delivered Ya’ohsharal | Yashar’el out of his hand, and out of the hand of his people, and Ya’oh | 𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀄  | YAHUAH brought them through the midst of the sea as if it were dry land. And all the peoples whom he brought to pursue after Ya’ohsharal | Yashar’el, YAHUAH ELOHAYNU cast them into the midst of the sea, into the depths of the abyss beneath the children of Ya’ohsharal | Yashar’el, even as the people of Mitsrayim had cast their children into the river he took vengeance on one million of them, and one thousand strong and energetic men were destroyed on account of one suckling of the children of your people which they had thrown into the river. And on the fourteenth day and on the fifteenth and on the sixteenth and on the seventeenth and on the eighteenth the prince Mastema was bound and imprisoned behind the children of Ya’ohsharal | Yashar’el that he might not accuse them. And on the nineteenth we let them loose that they might help the Mitsriym and pursue the children of Ya’ohsharal | Yashar’el. And he hardened their hearts and made them stubborn, and the device was devised by Ya’oh | 𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀄  | YAHUAH ELOHAYNU that he might smite the Mitsriym and cast them into the sea. And on the fourteenth we bound him that he might not accuse the children of Ya’ohsharal | Yashar’el on the day when they asked the Mitsriym for vessels and garments, vessels of silver, and vessels of gold, and vessels of bronze, in order to despoil the Mitsriym in return for the bondage in which they had forced them to serve.Β  And we did not lead forth the children of Ya’ohsharal | Yashar’el from Mitsrayim empty handed.” YOVHELIYM (JUBILEES) 48:1-19 אΧͺ Cepher Publishing Group.

“And if he do unto you greater good than this, surely these are only vanities of the world, for wealth and riches cannot avail in the day of wrath and anger. Now therefore hearken to my voice, and let us arise and go to the land of Kena`an, out of the reach of injury from Nimrod; and serve Ya’oh | 𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀄  | YAHUAH who created you in the earth and it will be well with you; and cast away all the vain things which you pursue. And Avram ceased to speak, when Noach and his son Shem answered Terach, saying, True is the word which Avram has said unto you. And Terach hearkened to the voice of his son Avram, and Terach did all that Avram said, for this was from Ya’oh | 𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀄  | YAHUAH, that the king should not cause Avram’s death.”Β  YASHAR (JASHER) 12:67-70 אΧͺ Cepher Publishing Group.

“AND Ya`aqov went forth continuing his road to Haran, and he came as far as Mount Moriyah, and he tarried there all night near the city of Luz; and Ya’oh | 𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀄  | YAHUAH appeared there unto Ya`aqov on that night, and he said unto him, I am Ya’oh | 𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀄  | YAHUAH ELOHIYM of Avraham and the ELOHIYM of Yitschaq your father; the land upon which you lie I will give unto you and your seed. And behold I am with you and will guard you wherever you go, and I will multiply your seed as the stars of heaven, and I will cause all your enemies to fall before you; and when they shall make war with you they shall not prevail over you, and I will bring you again unto this land with joy, with children, and with great riches. And Ya`aqov awoke from his sleep and he rejoiced greatly at the vision which he had seen; and he called the name of that place Beyt-EL. And Ya`aqov rose up from that place quite rejoiced, and when he walked his feet felt light to him for joy, and he went from there to the land of the children of the east, and he returned to Haran and he set by the shepherd’s well. And he there found some men; going from Haran to feed their flocks, and Ya`aqov made inquiries of them, and they said, We are from Haran. And he said unto them, do you know Lavan, the son of Nachor? and they said, We know him, and behold his daughter Rachel is coming along to feed her father’s flock.Β  While he was yet speaking with them, Rachel the daughter of Lavan came to feed her father’s sheep, for she was a shepherdess.”Β  YASHAR (JASHER) 30:1-7 אΧͺ Cepher Publishing Group.

“And Ya`aqov prayed to Ya’oh | 𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀄  | YAHUAH ELOHAYU, and he said, O Ya’oh | 𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀄  | YAHUAH ELOHIYM of my fathers, Avraham and Yitschaq, you did say unto me when I went away from my father’s house, saying, I am Ya’oh | 𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀄  | YAHUAH ELOHIYM of your father Avraham and the ELOHIYM of Yitschaq, unto you do I give this land and your seed after you, and I will make your seed as the stars of heaven, and you shall spread forth to the four sides of heaven, and in you and in your seed shall all the families of the earth be blessed. And you did establish your words, and did give unto me riches and children and cattle, as the utmost wishes of my heart did you give unto your servant; you did give unto me all that I asked from you, so that I lacked nothing. And you did afterward say unto me, return to your parents and to your birth place and I will still do well with you.”Β  YASHAR (JASHER) 32:16-19 אΧͺ Cepher Publishing Group.

“AND Channah prayed, and said, My heart rejoices in Ya’oh | 𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀄  | YAHUAH, my horn is exalted in Ya’oh | 𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀄  | YAHUAH: my mouth is enlarged over my enemies; because I rejoice in your yeshu`ah. There is none holy as Ya’oh | 𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀄  | YAHUAH: for there is none beside you: neither is there any rock like our ELOHIYM. Talk no more so exceeding proudly; let not arrogancy come out of your mouth: for Ya’oh | 𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀄  | YAHUAH is an ELOHIYM of knowledge, and by him actions are weighed. The bows of the mighty men are broken, and they that stumbled are girded with strength. They that were full have hired out themselves for bread; and they that were hungry ceased: so that the barren has born seven; and she that has many children is waxed feeble. Ya’oh | 𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀄  | YAHUAH kills, and makes alive: he brings down to She’ol, and brings up.Β  Ya’oh | 𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀄  | YAHUAH makes poor, and makes rich: he brings low, and lifts up. He raises up the poor out of the dust, and lifts up the beggar from the dunghill, to set them among princes, and to make them inherit the throne of glory: for the pillars of the earth are Ya’oh | 𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀄  | YAHUAH’S, and he has set the world upon them. He will guard the feet of his chaciyd, and the wicked shall be silent in darkness; for by strength shall no man prevail. The adversaries of Ya’oh | 𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀄  | YAHUAH shall be broken to pieces; out of heaven shall he thunder upon them: Ya’oh | 𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀄  | YAHUAH shall judge the ends of the earth; and he shall give strength unto his king, and exalt the horn of his anointed.” Β SHEMU’EL RI’SHON (1 SAMUEL) 2:1-10 אΧͺ Cepher Publishing Group.

‘My son, be mindful of ADONAI ELOHAYNU all your days, and let not your will be set to sin, or to transgress his commandments: do uprightly all your life long, and follow not the ways of unrighteousness.” “And fear not, my son, that we are made poor: for you have much wealth, if you fear ELOHIYM, and depart from all sin, and do that which is pleasing in his sight.” Β TOVIYAHU (TOBIT) 4:5 & 21 אΧͺ Cepher Publishing Group.