“Baruk is the man who trusts in 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 | Ya’oh, and whose trust is 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 | Ya’oh.” HallelluYah Scriptures Bible.

“Blessed is the man that trusts in YAHUAH, and whose hope YAHUAH is.” YIRMEYAHU (JEREMIAH) 17:7 את Cepher Publishing Group.


The 56th chapter of Yashar gives the account when Ya’oh ghakab | Jacob | Ya’aqob,  blessed his children at the time of his death. It is indeed good for us to go over these events as it helps us to get acquainted with our past history. Thereby helping us to completely put our trust and hope in our Heavenly Father Abba Ya’oh.

“And Ya`aqov made his sons swear to bury him in Makpelah, in Chevron, and his sons swore unto him concerning this thing. And he commanded them, saying, Serve YAHUAH ELOHAYKEM, for he who delivered your fathers will also deliver you from all trouble. And Ya`aqov said, Call all your children unto me, and all the children of Ya`aqov’s sons came and sat before him, and Ya`aqov blessed them, and he said unto them, YAHUAH ELOHIYM of your fathers shall grant you a thousand times as much and bless you, and may he give you the blessing of your father Avraham; and all the children of Ya`aqov’s sons went forth on that day after he had blessed them. And on the next day Ya`aqov again called for his sons, and they all assembled and came to him and sat before him, and Ya`aqov on that day blessed his sons before his death, each man did he bless according to his blessing; behold it is written in the Cepher of the Torah of YAHUAH appertaining to Yashar’el. And Ya`aqov said unto Yahudah, I know my son that you are a mighty man for your brethren; reign over them, and your sons shall reign over their sons forever. Only teach your sons the bow and all the weapons of war, in order that they may fight the battles of their brother who will rule over his enemies.”  YASHAR (JASHER) 56:4-9 את Cepher Publishing Group. As we can see in these verses, in receiving the blessings from Abba Ya’oh, there are those among Ya’aqob’s sons, specifically from the tribe of Ya’ohdah who learned to defend his people.

“And you my sons, honour each his brother and his relative, and command your children and your children’s children after you to serve YAHUAH ELOHIYM of your ancestors all the days. In order that you may prolong your days in the land, you and your children and your children’s children forever, when you do what is good and upright in the sight of YAHUAH ELOHAYKEM, to go in all his ways. And you, Yoceph my son, forgive I pray you the wrongs of your brethren and all their misdeeds in the injury that they heaped upon you, for ELOHIYM intended it for you and your children’s benefit. And O my son leave not your brethren to the inhabitants of Mitsrayim, neither hurt their feelings, for behold I consign them to the hand of ELOHIYM and in your hand to guard them from the Mitsriym; and the sons of Ya`aqov answered their father saying, O, our father, all that you have commanded us, so will we do; may ELOHIYM only be with us. And Ya`aqov said unto his sons, So may ELOHIYM be with you when you guard all his ways; turn not from his ways either to the right or the left in performing what is good and upright in his sight. For I know that many and grievous troubles will befall you in the latter days in the land, yea your children and children’s children, only serve YAHUAH and he will save you from all trouble.”  YASHAR (JASHER) 56:15-20 את Cepher Publishing Group.

“And it shall come to pass when you shall go after ELOHIYM to serve him and will teach your children after you, and your children’s children, to know YAHUAH, then will YAHUAH raise up unto you and your children a servant from amongst your children, and YAHUAH will deliver you through his hand from all affliction, and bring you out of Mitsrayim and bring you back to the land of your fathers to inherit it securely. And Ya`aqov ceased commanding his sons, and he drew his feet into the bed, he died and was gathered to his people.”  YASHAR (JASHER) 56:21-22 את Cepher Publishing Group.

“And after the days of his weeping had passed away, at the end of seventy days, Yoceph said unto Phar`oh, I will go up and bury my father in the land of Kena`an as he made me swear, and then I will return. And Phar`oh sent Yoceph, saying, Go up and bury your father as he said, and as he made you swear; and Yoceph rose up with all his brethren to go to the land of Kena`an to bury their father Ya`aqov as he had commanded them. And Phar`oh commanded that it should be proclaimed throughout Mitsrayim, saying, Whosoever goes not up with Yoceph and his brethren to the land of Kena`an to bury Ya`aqov, shall die. And all Mitsrayim heard of Phar`oh’s proclamation, and they all rose up together, and all the servants of Phar`oh, and the elders of his house, and all the elders of the land of Mitsrayim went up with Yoceph, and all the officers and nobles of Phar`oh went up as the servants of Yoceph, and they went to bury Ya`aqov in the land of Kena`an. And the sons of Ya`aqov carried the coffin upon which he lay; according to all that their father commanded them, so did his sons unto him. And the coffin was of pure gold, and it was inlaid round about with onyx stones and bdellium; and the covering of the coffin was gold woven work, joined with threads, and over them were hooks of onyx stones and bdellium.” YASHAR (JASHER) 56:31-36 את Cepher Publishing Group.

Our forefather Ya’oh-ghakab | Ya’aqob | Jacob, whose name Ya’oh changed to Ya’ohsharal, was given the honor of a great king.

“And Yoceph placed upon the head of his father Ya`aqov a large golden crown, and he put a golden sceptre in his hand, and they surrounded the coffin as was the custom of kings during their lives. And all the troops of Mitsrayim went before him in this array, at first all the mighty men of Phar`oh, and the mighty men of Yoceph, and after them the rest of the inhabitants of Mitsrayim, and they were all girded with swords and equipped with coats of mail, and the trappings of war were upon them. And all the weepers and mourners went at a distance opposite to the coffin, going and weeping and lamenting, and the rest of the people went after the coffin. And Yoceph and his household went together near the coffin barefooted and weeping, and the rest of Yoceph’s servants went around him; each man had his ornaments upon him, and they were all armed with their weapons of war. And fifty of Ya`aqov’s servants went in front of the coffin, and they strewed along the road myrrh and aloes, and all manner of perfume, and all the sons of Ya`aqov that carried the coffin walked upon the perfumery, and the servants of Ya`aqov went before them strewing the perfume along the road. And Yoceph went up with a heavy camp, and they did after this manner every day until they reached the land of Kena`an, and they came to the threshing floor of Atad, which was on the other side of the Yardan, and they mourned an exceeding great and heavy mourning in that place.”  YASHAR (JASHER) 56:37-42 את Cepher Publishing Group.

“And all the kings of Kena`an heard of this thing and they all went forth, each man from his house, thirty one kings of Kena`an, and they all came with their men to mourn and weep over Ya`aqov. And all these kings beheld Ya`aqov’s | Ya’oh-ghakab’s coffin and behold Yoceph’s crown was upon it, and they also put their crowns upon the coffin, and encircled it with crowns. And all these kings made in that place a great and heavy mourning with the sons of Ya`aqov and Mitsrayim over Ya`aqov, for all the kings of Kena`an knew the valour of Ya`aqov and his sons. And the report reached Esau, saying, Ya`aqov | Ya’oh-ghakab died in Mitsrayim, and his sons and all Mitsrayim are conveying him to the land of Kena`an to bury him. And Esau heard this thing, and he was dwelling in Mount Se`iyr, and he rose up with his sons and all his people and all his household, a people exceedingly great, and they came to mourn and weep over Ya`aqov. And it came to pass, when ,Esau came he mourned for his brother Ya`aqov | Ya’oh-ghakab, and all Mitsrayim and all Kena`an again rose up and mourned a great mourning with Esau over Ya`aqov | Ya’oh-ghakab  in that place.”  YASHAR (JASHER) 56:43-48 את Cepher Publishing Group. Ya’oh-ghakab added for Jacob or Ya’aqob.

It’s too bad when family fights among themselves as sometimes it leads to the death. In reading the rest of this history, Esau ended up losing his life at the time when our forefather Ya’ohsharal was buried.

Signs of the times.

“And all the sons of Ya`aqov and the people of Mitsrayim fought with Esau and his men, and the sons of Esau and his people were smitten before the sons of Ya`aqov, and the sons of Ya`aqov slew of Esau’s people forty men. And Chushiym the son of Dan, the son of Ya`aqov, was at that time with Ya`aqov’s sons, but he was about a hundred cubits distant from the place of battle, for he remained with the children of Ya`aqov’s sons by Ya`aqov’s coffin to guard it. And Chushiym was dumb and deaf, still he understood the voice of consternation amongst men. And he asked, saying, Why do you not bury the dead, and what is this great consternation? and they answered him the words of Esau and his sons; and he ran to Esau in the midst of the battle, and he slew Esau with a sword, and he cut off his head, and it sprang to a distance, and Esau fell amongst the people of the battle. And when Chushiym did this thing the sons of Ya’oh-ghakab |Ya`aqov prevailed over the sons of Esau, and the sons of Ya’oh-ghakab |Ya`aqov buried their father  Ya’oh-ghakab| Ya`aqov by force in the cave, and the sons of Esau beheld it. And Ya’oh-ghakab | Ya`aqov was buried in Chevron, in the cave of Makpelah which Avraham had bought from the sons of Cheth for the possession of a burial place, and he was buried in very costly garments.  And no king had such honour paid him as Yoceph paid unto his father at his death, for he buried him with great honour like unto the burial of kings. And Yoceph and his brethren made a mourning of seven days for their father.”  YASHAR (JASHER) 56:61-68 את Cepher Publishing Group. Ya’oh-ghakab added for Jacob or Ya’aqob.

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