Whose Biblical History is it?

According to the Scriptures, Ya’ohshai –𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀔𐀏 was a descendant of Sham. He was born into the tribe of Ya’ohdah – 𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀃𐀄, The Lion tribe! 𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀄 – Ya’oh promised Abram he would become the father of many nations. By extension, King Doayd is also of Abram’s lineage.

Since Ya’oh – 𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀄 cannot lie, we need to take a closer look at the Scripture in Devariym | Deuteronomy 28:64-68. “And YAHUAH shall scatter you among all people, from the one end of the earth even unto the other; and there you shall serve other elohiym, which neither you nor your fathers have known, even wood and stone. And among these nations shall you find no ease, neither shall the sole of your foot have rest: but YAHUAH shall give you there a trembling heart, and failing of eyes, and sorrow of mind: And your life shall hang in doubt before you; and you shall fear day and night, and shall have none assurance of your life: In the morning you shall say, Would to ELOHIYM it were evening! and at evening you shall say, Would to ELOHIYM it were morning! for the fear of your heart wherewith you shall fear, and for the sight of your eyes which you shall see. And YAHUAH shall bring you into Mitsrayim again with ships, by the way whereof I spoke unto you, you shall see it no more again: and there ye shall be sold unto your enemies for bondmen and bondwomen, and no man shall buy you.” DEVARIYM (DEUTERONOMY) 28:64-68 אΧͺ quotation from – Cepher Publishing Group.

The descendants whose ancestors went through slavery and arrived by ships in 1619 have approached 400 years of slavery/bondage again! It is imperative for everyone to Repent and start worshiping Ya’oh – 𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀄 exactly by all of his commandments!

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